A downloadable Mind Tank for Windows

Collaborate with a smart tank

Request to swap position with the AI using [Space]

Either driver or shoot using [W A S D] or [Left Click]

There are an infinite number of waves

each wave the difficulty increases

Types of enemies:

  1. Creeper: Explodes on touch
  2. Turret: Stationary enemy with machine gun
  3. Missile Launcher: Stationary launcher shooting homing missiles
  4. Light Tanks: Normal tanks shooting cannon balls
  5. Heavy Tanks: A Tough tank that shoots cannon balls and homing missiles


  • Cena Abachi                     (Unreal Engine Developer)
  • David Rud Pedersen    (Unreal Engine Developer)
  • Louise Wallin                    (3D Artist)

*Made for WOWIE GAMEJAM 4.0 2022*


MindTank.zip 745 MB

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