Cyber Bug Wars

In this multiplayer game you play as the king of the bugs, try to collect as many as bugs to expand your colony and win the game before others, you can make bugs to join you by colliding with them, they are all over the map, also you can steal others bugs as well!

This game is an open source online multiplayer game made for WOWIE 2.0 game jam 2020.

<No Game Engine! Completely made by javasript/P5js/Nodejs/>
developer: Cena Abachi
Special thanks to  Jonas Tyroller
Note: Experiencing lag is due to a free Heroku server that I have hosted my game server on, I'm so sorry.

Music credit:


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Wow a multiplayer game that is something you don't see often in jam submissions.
I'd like to play it with some other players.
Have you thought of adding in simple ai enemies to fill slots when there aren't many players ?

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Thnk you; Yes, Ill add more, once the jam is over